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About me



Color Grade by @tsagersphotography


Ever since my early teens I always loved cameras and on-set production clips. The process of making a movie seemed foreign to me: How could a team of normal people produce magic?

As I grew older, I searched out an education through the myriad of resources to understand how to operate a camera and what to do with it. How to expose a shot, how to move the camera, and how to edit. However, the problem I ran into was my lack of established storytelling skills. I took a deeper dive into novels, short stories, poems, paintings, films...cryptography. I found that cryptography and steganography incorporated into art can elevate the depth of a story, even if it's just the artist who's aware.

Ever since, I have been working as often as I can to create different pieces of media in various genres to try my best to progress my understanding of storytelling techniques.

And forever more, I will continue to uphold the values and beliefs I have come to understand; in turn, these values thus make their way into the projects I produce.

Currently, I attend George Fox University, striving for a BA in Cinematic Arts with a focus in Film and Video Production.

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